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Designed to speed up the healing process in just few sessions.

CERC Therapy®
Controlled electromagnetic resonant circuit.

CERC Therapy® is a type of rehabilitation that uses electromagnetic energy and is particularly indicated in cases where there is a need to stimulate the regeneration of biological tissues. It encourages acceleration of all the reparatory processes with an evident bio-regeneration, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic effect.

CERC Therapy® is a medical device based on electromagnetic fields managed by software. The device uses a system of self-calibration to determine the characteristic impedance from biological tissue and to modify the electromagnetic field used.

The CERC Therapy® system uses special emitters to resonate with the area being treated, to focus the energy used and to avoid dispersion. The device’s main innovative technologies include high concentration of the electromagnetic field’s energy on the specific body part and its ability to self-recalibrate resonance, using a particular algorithm, to ensure maximum efficacy of the treatment.

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100x Faster

Extensive testing, conducted in collaboration with a team of physicians who are experts in rehabilitation, confirmed the validity of the project by demonstrating the excellent ability of CERC Therapy® to guarantee quick recovery and healing.

"The future of rehabilitation"

Concept and Design

The idea, which was conceived in 2008, was to revolutionize the medical rehabilitation sector, which is often characterized by lengthy recovery times. The complex stages of research and planning, aimed at applying new technologies to the secure and consolidated principles of traditional electro-magnetic therapy, eventually resulted in the creation of a machine with exceptional therapeutic efficacy. Extensive testing, conducted in collaboration with a team of physicians who are experts in rehabilitation, confirmed the validity of the project by demonstrating the excellent ability of CERC Therapy® to guarantee quick recovery and healing.

"Although CERC Therapy®, conceived and manufactured entirely in Italy, has achieved its objective, the initial idea of constantly developing the product continues to encourage our team to seek new innovative spaces."

Prototyping and Production

In close collaboration with an engineering firm with a decade of experience in electro-medical devices and, above all, in radio frequency and electromagnetic fields, our team began to produce the very first prototypes of CERC Therapy®. The aim of achieving effective and rapid healing proved to be a success right from the very first tests and so led to an intense period of research and development aimed at first improving and then refining the efficiency, the quality and the safety of the device.


Well-known doctor and researcher Dr. Diego Miglio contributed enormously to developing the product, both during the stages of testing and in drafting application protocols.


Due to increasing demand for the device it became necessary to manufacture CERC Therapy® on an industrial scale. So an outstanding Italian company, a leader in the sector with branches worldwide, was entrusted with manufacturing the machine.


The very first statistics on the effectiveness of CERC Therapy® Therapy were developed at the Sportlife Medical Center. The medical center is dedicated to those who have problems with their musculoskeletal system. The center relies on skilled professional physiatrists, orthopedists, physiotherapists, advanced techniques and equipment to provide solutions to manage pain and functional deficits resulting from injury, trauma and chronic degenerative disease of the limbs and spine.


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